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As we and our loved ones get older, it turns out to be increasingly more important to make a plan around senior proper care. The greatest fear for most families is to see their family members having to live in a less than optimal nursing facility, losing the freedom and simple pleasures of their every day lives. Quite often, countless individuals watch as their savings account drain to nothing, just to pay for a home they don’t really love.

Only through excellent preparation and involvement with elder law services can this unpleasant situation be eliminated. It’s important to always remember that with planning, several more options become accessible. Care and living choices vary from retirement villages and residential care facilities to independent living, in-home care, and long-term skilled care. The higher level of education required by the medical staff, the more highly-priced residential agreements will become. That said, cost is constantly a heavy thought for senior adults and their families, as older adults depend on retirement money in an ever-inflating economy, amidst other complicating elements.

When thinking about medical and residential possibilities for the elderly adult in your family, there are various aspects to account for. Included here are quality of care and cost, as discussed. Quality of care is obviously crucial, but it’s not necessarily simple to figure out what that entails. That’s one reason it’s crucial to have a skilled local elder law attorney who is trained in the landscape of different quality care possibilities.


If you find yourself in need of an elder attorney in Southern California, it's important you seek out assistance as soon as possible. In some situations, it might be essential to helping your case. Our compassionate Oxnard elder law attorney will ensure that you get all of the answers you need for your situation. We have helped many California residents with elder needs law type cases including estate planning, trust and probate admin, and other elder needs legal issues. Let us help you in ensuring that the older adult in your life gets the care they have earned.

When you are facing Elder Needs Law, Estate Planning, or Trust and Probate Administration we are here to help. We serve clients throughout Oxnard, California and the surrounding communities...contact us today.

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Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

Moving an older family member into a nursing center can be a very challenging decision. As said, there are many aspects to consider, including quality of medical care in the facility, location, and expense. Financial responsibility is frequently the most difficult to deal with.

Medi-Cal is a government program that provides a mix of federal and state money to seniors who are in need. It is more or less California’s state version of Medicaid, offering support to those who have no funding. Medi-Cal eligibility processing is quite involved, and can be very puzzling and irritating to family individuals and the elderly themselves. That’s why it’s crucial to have support from a local attorney who specializes in elder law. 

Our legal team can help with Medi-Cal applications and planning and ensure you get what you're entitled to.

Estate Planning

Our legal team knows how to help guide you through the often times difficult process of estate planning and wills/trusts. We've helped numerous California residents deal with the legal process of caring for a family member's estate and have helped them understand the process at each step of the case. We can help you understand what to factor in when dealing with our experienced Oxnard CA elder law team. If you would like to speak with a a real attorney about your situation please reach out to us today at (805) 351-3920. We can help answer your questions and ensure you are on the right track.

VA Pension Benefits

Are you a veteran in need of help with setting up veterans benefits for disability? A good Oxnard area veterans law attorney is exactly who you need to ensure that you obtain the monetary support and medical care you are entitled to. You own the right to choose legal counsel who knows the complexities of veterans law and who will represent you during the procedure of identifying eligibility of benefits, arguing a denied claim, and ensuring you get all you’re entitled to.

Individual circumstances can vary from person to person, but our dedicated legal team knows how to ensure that you're rights are protected and you get the compensation that you are entitled to. 

An aggressive local veterans benefits law firm will additionally be able to support you with fighting a denial of benefits, if you’ve discovered yourself in this frustrating position. Feel free to reach out to our firm anytime for a free initial consultation.

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