Transferring an older family member into a nursing facility can be a very overwhelming choice. As said, there are many aspects to consider, such as quality of care in the facility, location, and cost. Monetary responsibility is frequently the most difficult to confront.

Medi-Cal is a federal and state government system that provides a mix of federal and state money to seniors who need help. It is essentially California’s state version of Medicaid, offering help to those who have no funding. Medi-Cal approvals are quite involved, and can be very challenging and irritating to family members and the elderly themselves. That’s why it’s essential to have assistance from a local Southern California elder lawyer for Medi-Cal planning.

The preparation process as three components: eligibility planning, income organizing, and Medi-Cal estate recovery arranging. Acceptance relates to your existing financial need and different factors to determine if you qualify for Medi-Cal support. Income planning pertains to how you configure your “Share of Cost” co-payments to make the best situation for you and your elderly family member. Estate recovery planning entails setting up a security plan to minimize the state’s ability to take your house. Each of these planning procedures is complex, but absolutely essential to making Medi-Cal function for you and your family and ultimately get your senior loved one the attention he or she ought to get at a price you can afford.

It’s additionally important to mention- while medical care or other elder care workers may be familiar with Medi-Cal, it’s extremely prevalent for poor guidance to be given from them, as they are unable to really understand the particulars of the regulation the way a local Oxnard area elder law attorney does. That is why it is so worthwhile to get the information you need, prior to the state of California having the right to file a suit on your property due to misinformed choices.

How do you find out if you require our representation? It’s a wise option for your family if your aging loved one:

- Currently lives in a nursing home facility or are about to be placed in one

- Has a long-term condition including ALS, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s

- Is dealing with a long-term recovery after a stroke

- Is any person requiring insurance coverage for long-term medical care either immediately or in the future

Our Oxnard Medi-Cal planning lawyer will assist you through the process of identifying the qualification of your senior loved one. There are several means to qualify for this publicly funded system. Your loved one likely uses medicare insurance funding, which is national funding for older adults. The reason Medi-Cal is necessary is that Medicare only covers critical medical problems or situations that have just occurred and are only anticipated to result in problems for a brief length of time. Following an acute medical situation, Medicare will pay in full for 20 days, and partly for an additional 80 days, but exclusively if the individual is improving. You need further monetary support to help cover for long-term medical treatment.

To be approved for Medi-Cal, it must be shown that the applicant has extremely restricted financial means and assets. Medi-Cal determines some assets as “exempt” and the rest as “non-exempt.” Owning too many non-exempt assets will trigger your Medi-Cal application to be denied. Working with an experienced California elder law attorney provides you the greatest chance of identifying how to properly distribute assets to encourage your qualification, while also preserving what is rightly your families.

Retain a local Medi-Cal planning attorney to make sure you have the maximum monetary support you can for long-term medical needs. Don’t wait. Contact us now.

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